Ayara Collection uni

AYARA – Roof tiles made of fiber cement

Ayara Collection uniquely offers reliability together with the sense of style and refinement : - Smooth-surface fiber cement roofs - Durable and leak-proof, withstanding up to point load of 180kg. - Reverse flow prevention - Light weight, reducing building structure cost - Long lasting color from Z-TRON sheild USE PER UNIT: 6.25 pcs/sq.m. MATERIAL: Fibercement KEY FEATURES - Ayara is made from Portland Cement combined with synthetic fiber and cellulose fiber , all interlocked with the help of modern technical skill. The resulting tiles are thus tough, compact and impenetrable - Ayara tile admit no water , thus eliminating the problem of leaks. - Because Ayara tile are installed by Ayara ridge system and without grout , messy cement stains and residues are avoided. - Ayara tiles are light enough to not require extra structural support in the roof. Width: 80 cm Length: 51 cm Height: 0.6 cm Weight: 4.4 kg Recommended Slope: 25-45 Purlin spacing: 20

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