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    SMARTWOOD Applications

    SCG Smartwood is made of synthetic fibec cement that is superior to ordinary synthetic wood with a special structure mixed with the structure of SCG pure Silica Potland Cement and a special type of Cellulose Fiber submitted to an autoclave process, so we are confident in the quality of every sheet in meeting SCG standards.


    Superiority with COLOR LOC


    Color Loc technology locks every molecule firmly onto SCG Smartwood fiber with a special spraying technique developed especially for synthetic wood and submitted to a hot-cold heat curing process to help lock the paint for long Lasting color, so colored Smartwood stays naturally attractive, looks like the real thing and lasts longer.

    Using SCG SmartWood


    Decorate SCG Smartwood uncolored interior cellings and soffit by coaling with white acrylic paint for an attractrve, eye pleasing ceiling with a linear pattern for a dimensional look. 
    Location: Wilaiwan Huahiri, Prachuabkhmkhan.


    SCG Smartwood T-CIip flooring in brown oak 
    Install for an attractive walway from a refreshing garden into the house for natural beauty wdh a wood grain pattern on a smooth floor with no trace of screws. 
    Location: Ratctiawadi Ban Krud Resort, Practiuabkhirikhan.
    SCG Smartwood uncolored soffit boards
    For the attractive color of your choice to enhance ventilation and reduce heat urder the rood fo a cool, refreehing atmosphere. 
    Locatlon: Alcidini Winery ,Nakhonratchasima


    SCG Smartwood Eaves Uner1 Brown Oak Color. SCG

    Smartwood T-Clip Floor Plank. Natural Beech Color
    Use to decorate a lounging corner on the veranda or porch to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for your home.
    Image: Daybeds Magazine

    SCG Smartwood Floor Plank, Basic Series, Cream Primer Color.
    SCG Smartwood Wood Plank, New England Series, Ivory Color.

    Install on your front poch to add a decorative touch to the walls around the house area and give your lounging corner a warm, natural look.
    Image: Daybeds Magazine

    SCG Smartwood Shading Plank, Primer Color.

    Install around the lounging area at the back of your house by placing in every other groove to help organize the area for a proportionate, attractive and spacious look.

    SCG Smartwood Wood Plank, Colonial Series, Ivory Color.

    Add temperate beauty to your house walls with chiseled groove styles down to the skirt board edge; available in teakwood patterns for natural beauty.



    SCG Smartwood T-CIip Floor Plank.
    Install a veranda at the front of your house to enhance your hom&s naturai mood with an attractive one piece floor and nary a screw head in sight


    SCG SmartwOOd Wood Plank, Colonial Series
    Enhance the wall quaiity of your home for a neat, attractive look with grooves 
    and blended with the efrirt boards.
    SCG Smartwood Shading Plank. 
    Install as soffit sunshades to help reduce surght and heat so your lounge are becomes more comfortable.





    SCG Smartwood Wood Plank, Craftman

    Add a decorative touch, so every corner of your house Is lovely and warm as a statement of your taste as the resident with wood like patterns mixed with chiseled grooves and contoured edges adding value to quality woodwork so your entire home is beautiful.


    Colonial Series
    Like the temperate style of a master carpenter with chiseled grooves. Every sheet is lathed for contour so your home is attractive, grand and more painstakingly crafted.
    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity (pcs/sqm)
    New England Series
    Attractive, eiegant with meticulously chels grooves and a simple pattern meticulously styled by master craftsmanship.
    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)

    usage quantity (pcs/sqm)


    SCG Smartwood Wood Plank, Standard



    Natural wood color Enjoy id beauty with valuable wood style.
    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity (pcs/sqm)
    Classic color: As attractive as genuine wood In every era
    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity (pcs/sqm)
    Wow Series
    Attractive, outstanding, long lasting color wIth 3 layers of varnish from the factory for a three shade look in the same board emphasizing deep wood grain patterns for a different look.
    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity (pcs/sqm)



    SCG Smartwood Lap Siding

    More attractive smoothness; no more trouble with covering screw heads, so your walls are smooth on the same board; suitable for homes, buildings or modern style projects looking for a modem look with the warmth of natural wood at the same time.



    Lap Siding V1i (Smooth surface; no grooves)

    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity pcs/sqm

    Lap Siding V2i (Smooth surface; 4″ grooves)

    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity pcs/sqm





    SCG Smart Wood Plank, Paintable Series



    High quality ready to use pnrner from the factory c be painted with water based acrylic pent.
    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity (pcs/sqm)
    Deep wood grain patterned cladding; paint with one coat of old cement primer and two coats of paint in the stiade of your chioce
    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity (pcs/sqm)





    SCG SmartWOOD Fascia Board

    For Covering All Types of Eaves and Gable-Ends
    – Straight throughout its usage life, does not curve or bend.
    – Detailed, beautiful and natural wood grain pattern.
    – Available In 2 colors: golden teak, defauft color from the factory; and primer color which can immediately painted over with real paint.
    -Prefabicated Eave Board Can be quickly and conveniently installed, equals to the installation of an 8” wide eave board with a 6” wide eave board.

    Namewidth (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity
    Fascia Board441.69.30.25pcs/sqm




    SCG Smartwood Eaves Filler for Roman Tiles Roof

    For Covering Eaves Under the Roof Tiles, Helps Prevent Birds from Nesting Under the Root.
    – Sun resistant, rain resistant, termite resastant, does not curve or bend.
    – Covers the underside of roof tiles neatly and beautifully.
    – Attractive and durable teak wood surface color, available in golden teak and primer color ready made from the factory.

    Colorwidth (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity



    SCG SmartWOOD Eaves Filler

    For Soffit CeEling Ventilation to Reduce Heat Under the Roof
    – Straight, will not bend throughout usage life.
    – Avadable in 3 types:
    *3” Eaves bner Tapered Edge: uncolored, brown oak (orly for 3 Inch wide surfaces).
    *4” Eaves Liner Tapered Edge:, uncolored (only for 4 inch wide surfaces).
    *Eaves liner Wood Grain: uncolored.
    – Uncolored, paint old primer paint before real paint.
    – Brown oak, immediately ready for use.

    Typewidth (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity
    Eaves Liner Tapered Edge330.82.74.44pcs/sqm
    Eaves liner Wood Grain430.83.63.33pcs/sqm



    SCG Smartwood Skirt Board

    SCG Smartwood Skfrt floard s a wood substitute for concealing the joint 
    areas between the floor and wall to prevent stains on the wall and a 
    decorative touch for aesthetic beauty.

    – Tightly conceals the joints between floor and wall.
    – Termite resistant and long lasting.
    – Available in 2 kinds of edges in primer and ready to be painted.

    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity



    SCG Smartwood Ceiling Border

    SCG Smartwood Ceiling Border is a wood substitute for concealing 
    joints between the ceiling edge and walls for a neat, finished look.

    – Tightly conceals the ceiling edge and wall with 1 side tapered.
    – Does not shrink; submitted to high pressure and high temperature steamer in the production process.
    – Better moisture and termite resistance.
    – Uncolored: Needs to be coated with contact primer before painting.

    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity



    SCG Smartwood Shading Plank

    SCG Smartwood Shading Plank are a wood substitute for shading or sunscreens.
    – Strong and durable with 12 mm. thickness.
    – Smooth surface suits modern and contemporary style houses.
    – Termite proof because it contains SCG Portland cement.
    – Does not shrink; submitted to high pressure and high temperature steamer in the production

    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity



    SCG SmartWOOD Fence Plank

    Thick wood substitute for work that requires extra strength such as fences, decorative beams, sunscreens and vine lattices
    – Strong, long lasting, durable and able to handle impact better with up to 12 and 16 mm. thickness.
    – Beautiful natural primer teak texture.


    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity



    SCG Smartwood Decorative Stair Plank

    Beautiful new design, strong, durable and outstanding with tapering, 
    giving the staircase dimensions for a satisfying feeling every step of the way.

    – Easy, fast installation on concrete with a no-screw system.
    – More beautiful and durable with factory made wood stain coating and clear coating.
     Excellent at preienting scratches (painted/colored). 
    Outstanding with more tapering, giving the staircase dimension and beauty.
    – Strong and durable with up to 25 mm. thickness.

    Modelwidth (inc)length (cm)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantity
    Floor Plank63002.5172.22pcs/sqm



    SCG Smartwood Floor Planks, Basic Series

    SCG Smartwood Basic Floor Plank Is a wood substitute for interior and exterior resort style decoration.
    -Strong, long lasting and durable with up to 25 mm. thickness; can be installed on 30 cm. frame spacing for 6” width and 25 cm. for 4”width, or as decorative flooring on concrete.
    – Both interior and exterior use; weather resistant; termite proof.
    – Wood like texture with natural wood grain.
    – Comes wfth primer; ready for the paint of your choice.

    width (inc)length (m)thickness (cm)weight (kg/pcs)usage quantityFrame Spacing (cm)



    SCG Smartwood T-Clip Floor Plank

    Beautiful, perfect, neat, without a trace of any screws In sight and painted from the factory.
    – Natural wood like color with up to 4 coats of paint from the factory.
    – Up to three shades to choose from: brown oak, natural beech and mahogany.
    – Confidence in a neat finish with side grooves chiseled out to perfectly fit the T-Clips, for an attractive, neat and flawless look.
    – Quickly and easily Installed with no drilling or painting.
    – Environmentally friendly because we use lead and mercury free Low VOC paint formulas for fiber cement wood.

    Frame Spacing (cm)








    Recommended Accessory and Studs to install SCG SmartWOOD

    ProductsApplication AreaAccessoriesPacking Size
    Wood PlankInteriorSCG Needle Point Screw 23 mm.500 pcs./box
    ExteriorSCG Self Drilling Wing Screw 28.5 mm.250 pcs./box
    Brick Walls or old Concrete walls• SCG C-Line

    • SCG Bracket

    • SCG Needle Point Screw 38 mm. 
    with SCG Plastic Insert 37 mm.

    • SCG Self Drilling Screw 13 mm.

    1 strip
    60 pcs/pack
    250 pcs./ box
    250 pcs./ box
    500 pcs./box
    Fascia Board/Eave Filler FasciaFasciaSCG Self Drilling Wing Screw 28.5 mm.250 pcs./box
    SCG Needle Point Screw 38 mm.250 pcs./box
    2.5 inch ScrewAvailable in typical store.
    Self Drilling Screw 45 mm.Available in typical store.
    Eaves Liner/Ceiling BorderInterior and ExteriorSCG Needle Point Screw 23 mm.500 pcs./box
    SCG Self Drilling Wing Screw 28.5 mm.250 pcs./box
    Skirt BoardInterior and ExteriorSCG Needle Point Screw 38 mm.
    with SCG Plastic Insert 37 mm.
    250 pcs./box
    250 pcs./box
    Fence Plank/Shading PlankInterior and ExteriorSCG Self Drilling Wing Screw 32 mm.500 pcs./box
    Floor PlankInterior and ExteriorSelf Drilling Screw 45 mm.Available in typical store.




    Equipment for Finishing SCG Smartwood



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