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    ROMANTILE - Fibre cement roofing
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    ROMANTILE roofing is manufactured with the best materials in strict accordance with international building codes. The product consists of sand, cement, cellulose and synthetic fibers, water and additives. The Power of Performance ROMANTILE roofing products prove their power and longevity during harsh weather conditions and hold their own in all types of climates. The tiles resist termites, will not crack, rot or delaminate. They will not burn because they are made of non-combustible materials, nor will they melt like other materials or generate toxic fumes and smoke when contacted by a flame A worthwhile curved roof tiles that come in a variety of vibrant colors. - Fiber cement roof tile - Corrugated roof - Non-Asbestos Formula,Green rating and LEED complaint -Save on structure cost with 100 cm batten spacing - Long lasting color with world class curtain coating technology, which results in non peeling of colors - Low-Heat conductivity rate, saves energy cost - Rain impact noise reduction - Non-Leakage -Life long product,hardly requires replacement
    AYARA – Roof tiles made of fiber cement
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    Ayara Collection uniquely offers reliability together with the sense of style and refinement : - Smooth-surface fiber cement roofs - Durable and leak-proof, withstanding up to point load of 180kg. - Reverse flow prevention - Light weight, reducing building structure cost - Long lasting color from Z-TRON sheild USE PER UNIT: 6.25 pcs/sq.m. MATERIAL: Fibercement KEY FEATURES - Ayara is made from Portland Cement combined with synthetic fiber and cellulose fiber , all interlocked with the help of modern technical skill. The resulting tiles are thus tough, compact and impenetrable - Ayara tile admit no water , thus eliminating the problem of leaks. - Because Ayara tile are installed by Ayara ridge system and without grout , messy cement stains and residues are avoided. - Ayara tiles are light enough to not require extra structural support in the roof. Width: 80 cm Length: 51 cm Height: 0.6 cm Weight: 4.4 kg Recommended Slope: 25-45 Purlin spacing: 20
    EXCELLA ~ The Real Ceramic Roof Tile
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    The Excella range of premium ceramic roof tiles adds distinction to the roof with its smooth finish, thus endlessly reflecting simplicity in a stylish manner. - Real Ceramic : A quality material that you can trust. Meticulous manufacturing processes under expert supervision. - Non-fading & Long Lasting Colors : With the Dry Press Fast Firing System at 1,100 ̊̊C, the color and the tile become one magnificent piece of art. USE PER UNIT: 10.5 pcs/sq.m. MATERIAL: Ceramic KEY FEATURES - Fast Firing Process which spend only 70 minutes with 1,100° C - In the process, every tile gets consistent temperature at every position as it is laid horizontally. Therefore, every piece of Excella has high consistency in color Width: 34.5 cm Length: 42 cm Weight: 3.8 kg Recommended Slope: 35
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