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    SCG Smartwood Shading Plank Primer 10x300x1.2 cm
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    Product Information SCG Smartwood Shading Plank is a substituted wood for shading applications from sunlight and for privacy element. Basic Data SCG Smartwood contains composition of SCG Portland Cement, special cellulose fiber, Silica and water. Every piece of SCG Smartwood passes through a high-pressure steam process (Autoclave), giving the properties of non-shrinkage and non-warping. Smooth surface with Squared Edge, comes primer ready for Acrylic paint Size 10 x 300 cm Weight 5 kg
    SCG SmartBOARD
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    SmartBOARD is a next generation fiber cement sheet with cellulose fiber, Portland cement, silica and other admixtures that are manufactured under a highly controlled environment using the Firm & Flex Technology. The Firm & Flex Technology is achieved with the use of highest grade of raw materials, combined with a highly sophisticated manufacturing process. The Firm & Flex technology of SmartBoard and SmartWOOD system makes them strong and durable and flexible/bendable at the same time. As a building material, SmartBOARD is the biggest alternate to Natural Wood, Plyboard, gypsum board and Wood composite facading materials with a lower price point and performance that is superior to Natural wood, Plyboard, gypsum board and Wood Composites. As a building component, Smartboard wall system (Smartwalls) is the biggest alternate for a brick or concrete block wall.
    EXCELLA ~ The Real Ceramic Roof Tile
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    The Excella range of premium ceramic roof tiles adds distinction to the roof with its smooth finish, thus endlessly reflecting simplicity in a stylish manner. - Real Ceramic : A quality material that you can trust. Meticulous manufacturing processes under expert supervision. - Non-fading & Long Lasting Colors : With the Dry Press Fast Firing System at 1,100 ̊̊C, the color and the tile become one magnificent piece of art. USE PER UNIT: 10.5 pcs/sq.m. MATERIAL: Ceramic KEY FEATURES - Fast Firing Process which spend only 70 minutes with 1,100° C - In the process, every tile gets consistent temperature at every position as it is laid horizontally. Therefore, every piece of Excella has high consistency in color Width: 34.5 cm Length: 42 cm Weight: 3.8 kg Recommended Slope: 35