SmartBOARD is a next


SmartBOARD is a next generation fiber cement sheet with cellulose fiber, Portland cement, silica and other admixtures that are manufactured under a highly controlled environment using the Firm & Flex Technology. The Firm & Flex Technology is achieved with the use of highest grade of raw materials, combined with a highly sophisticated manufacturing process. The Firm & Flex technology of SmartBoard and SmartWOOD system makes them strong and durable and flexible/bendable at the same time. As a building material, SmartBOARD is the biggest alternate to Natural Wood, Plyboard, gypsum board and Wood composite facading materials with a lower price point and performance that is superior to Natural wood, Plyboard, gypsum board and Wood Composites. As a building component, Smartboard wall system (Smartwalls) is the biggest alternate for a brick or concrete block wall.

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