SCG Smartwood Wood P

SCG Smartwood Wood Plank Golden Teak Color 15X300X0.8 cm

INR 480

SCG Smartwood Wood Plank comes in variety of pattern, texture and color. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Basic Data Factory color coating Consists of 3 color series 1. Natural color series – Golden Teak, Red Maka, Walnut 2. Classic color series – Ivory, Sky, and Oak Red 3. Glossy color series (Wow) – Glossy Golden Teak, Glossy Red Maka, Glossy Pradoo Size 15x300x0.8 cm Weight 5.4 Kg Usage quantity 2.7 pcs/sqm - The texture is like the real wood, a detailed grain with alternating dark and light shades. - The color is not sloughing and durable, due to a special coating technology for both the primer and the top coated color. - Ease-to-use assembly kit for installation and decoration. Size 15 x 300 cm Weight 5 kg

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