Why choose SCG SmartWOOD? If you’re looking for a versatile, maintenance-free weatherboard with a natural and beautiful texture, look no further than SmartWOOD cladding. It’s the facade of choice for builders and homeowners alike, protecting and be

SmartBOARD is a fibre cement board for ceiling and wall linings in wet and high traffic areas of residential and commercial buildings.SmartBOARD can be partial or totally finished with ceramic tiles, paint or paper wall, to create a beautiful and

Looking to create a unique and beautiful home exterior? Look no further than SCG Smartwood's durable and versatile fibre cement.

Shiplap Walls In the past, contractors had to cut wood planks into thin pieces to create shiplap walls (interior or exterior wall siding made out of horizontally placed wooden boards). These days, you can get ready-made shiplap siding made out of e

We offer you a great choice of high-quality fibre cement roof slates. They are ideal for a range of residential and commercial roofing projects, and even walls - the AYARA slate/shingle is designed for vertical applications and creates a stunning fin

Ideally, ceilings should be quick to install, practical and effective at meeting your design standards. SCG Smartboard Ceilings are smooth, flat sheets that create a seamless look used not just on internal residential or commercial applications, but

SCG Smartwood is a fiber cement wood substitute product with a superior material quality plus Color Loc Technology that allows to create naturals look, attractiveness and long standing durability

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