Replace your conventional building material with SmartBoard , a high quality fibre cement solution by SCG.SmarBoard is a best- rated building material used largely for partitioning, panelling and false ceilings. It is fire, water and termite resistan

Work with Cieling & Wall materials that are 20% stronger than other brands.SmartBOARD the NUMBER 1 in Fibre Cement Boards with an unbeatable quality standard.Available across Kerala through select partners.

Superior quality fibre cement planks with the unmatched unique beauty & elegance of natural wood. Easy to use with 2 surface options on the same plank. Smartwood is high strength, non-brittle, durable, and comes in coated and uncoated. One solution

SCG Smartboard is a high-quality non-asbestos fiber cement board with high impact strength and is durable than any other materials for Ceiling, Wall and Floor applications.

SCG SmartWOOD , Superior performance with the charms of wood

Firm & Flex technology gives SCG SmartBoard an edge over itscompetitors in the fibre cement boards category along with a range of superior attributes, including strength, durability, firmness and flexibility. It is suitable for ceiling, walling and

SmartBOARD, best in the fibre cement board category with an exceptional quality standard.

A non-combustible, multipurpose-application flat board, SmartBOARD comes in various thicknesses which are suitable for ceiling, wall and floor applications. Matching the demands of modern construction, it can be used for a wide range of building boa

Superior grade fiber cement solutions , SmartBOARD & SmartWOOD available through select outlets across Kerala.The number one choice in Cement Boards and Cladding category with an exceptional perfomance standard.

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