The use of dynamic lights and darks, mixtures of siding and textures, and a move toward durable, low maintenance fiber cement are set to be some of 2018’s hottest home trends.Checkout SCG Smartboard & Smartwood range - the unbeatable choice in cement

Why choose Fibre Reinforced Cement? Fibre Reinforced Cement building products will not burn, are resistant to permanent water and termite damage, and, when installed as directed, are resistant to rotting and warping to the extent set out in SCG pub

We offer you a great choice of high-quality fibre cement roof slates. They are ideal for a range of residential and commercial roofing projects, and even walls - the AYARA slate/shingle is designed for vertical applications and creates a stunning fin

Water-resistant and termite-free Modular Kitchen can be made from Cement Board. SCG SmartBOARD provides great strength and durability of cement with the workability of wood. It is durable, termite-free, and last but not least can be immersed in wate

Wet area cieling ? Need a fool proof solution that can combat moisture and last a lifetime.The choice is SCG SmartBOARD 6mm boards.

Superior grade fiber cement solutions , SmartBOARD & SmartWOOD available through select outlets across Kerala.The number one choice in Cement Boards and Cladding category with an exceptional perfomance standard.

Work with Cieling & Wall materials that are 20% stronger than other brands.SmartBOARD the NUMBER 1 in Fibre Cement Boards with an unbeatable quality standard.Available across Kerala through select partners.

SmartBOARD is a great fibre cement choice for external wall cladding. Its light weight and versatility are the best features for new or renovation projects which demand design flexibility, and modern, contemporary solutions.SmartBOARD can be finish

Why choose SCG SmartWOOD? If you’re looking for a versatile, maintenance-free weatherboard with a natural and beautiful texture, look no further than SmartWOOD cladding. It’s the facade of choice for builders and homeowners alike, protecting and be

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