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Smartboard SmartBOARD is a next generation fiber cement sheet which is waterproof, termite proof, weather proof, very strong and durable and is suitable for usage in External Cladding, Internal linings, Drywall Partitions, False ceilings, Subflooring, Subroofing etc. SmartBOARD is next generation fiber cement sheet with cellulose fiber, portland cement, silica and other admixtures that are manufactured under a highly controlled environment using the Firm & Flex Technology. The Firm & Flex Technology is achieved with the use of highest grade of raw materials, combined with a highly sophisticated manufacturing process. The Firm & Flex technology of Smartboard and Smartwood system makes them strong and durable and flexible/bendable at the same time. As a building material, Smartboard is the biggest alternate to Plyboard, gypsum board and composite facading materials. Smartboard wall system (SmartWall) is the biggest alternate for a brick or concrete block wall. Benefits of SmartBoard System: SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND WEATHER PROOF: Smartboard is water proof, termite proof, fire proof, sound proof and has good thermal insulation. USE IN INTERIORS AND EXTERIORS: SmartBoard can be used both in interiors and exteriors. HIGH IMPACT LOAD: SmartBoard has high impact resistance. So it can take a lot of heavy beating without any damage. BENDABLE : Smartboard is flexible and can be bent if needed. HIGH POINT LOAD STRENGTH: Smartboard has high point load strength and can hang heavy paintings or tv screens on Smartboard without any special framing in the back. Each point can carry a load of 80-90 kg. VERSATILE SURFACE: Smartboard has a very versatile surface which can be painted. One can also paste laminate, wood veneer, wall paper, ceramic tiles, thin stones directly on the surface of the board. HIGH SOUND INSULATION: Smartwall system has good sound insulation properties. NO NEED FOR POP/ PUNNING: Since the Smartboard surface is smooth, painting can be directly on the surface without any pop. There is no waviness in Smartboard walls surface, so one can enjoy beautiful straight walls without any undulations. Even the best of POP walls have undulations in them, whereas the Smartboard wall is smooth and beautiful. EASY WORKABILITY: Smartboard can be cut like plyboard with normal wood cutting tools. NAILING/ SCREWING POSSIBLE: It is possible to both nail and screw in Smartboard, so it can be used pretty similar to plyboard. SPEED: As a wall system Smartwall from Smartboard is around 30 times faster than brick wall. The average efficiency of brick wall with a good team of 1 skilled mason and 2 hepers is around 35 sq ft/ day. Whereas, with Smartwall one can achieve an efficiency of 1000-1200 sq ft in one day with a skilled team. Large amounts of money can be saved in financial costs due to faster completion of projects. LIGHTWEIGHT: Smartwall system is 1/6 the weight of a conventional 4.5” brick wall. MORE CARPET AREA: Smartwall system can have a thinner wall cross section thus providing more carpet/ saleable area for the project. EASY MAINTENANCE: Since all the electrical, plumbing conduits are within the hollow wall, the wall can be opened if repair and maintenance is required and then easily repaired and closed up. FLEXIBILITY IN DESIGN: The developers can offer more flexible interior layout options to customers, since it is much easier to move walls. GREEN CONSTRUCTION: Since the Smartboard is a environmentally responsible green product. Smartwall system qualifies for green building concept. ECONOMICAL: The direct cost of the Smartwall system is identical to the construction cost of a 4.5” brick wall. But with the indirect cost saving due to light weight, faster speed, more carpet area the Smartwall system would be about 20-30% cheaper than the conventional systems

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