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Why choose SCG SmartWOOD? If you’re looking for a versatile, maintenance-free weatherboard with a natural and beautiful texture, look no further than SmartWOOD cladding. It’s the facade of choice for builders and homeowners alike, protecting and beautifying millions of homes. Use SmartWOOD cladding on your project for maximum versatility. Install it horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create any design. A diverse palette of colours provide your building with a fade-resistant, maintenance free finish. Choose from two textures for even greater design flexibility: a smooth finish for contemporary designs and natural deep wood texture – with a pattern that rarely repeats – for a more classic look. Made from advanced material fibre cement, SmartWOOD is an engineered wood and cement composite that offers the ultimate in fire, moisture, rot and pest resistance. The unique properties of SmartWOOD offers major advantages over conventional cladding materials, providing ease of installation, design flexibility and enhanced durability. Made to last With advanced seventh generation technology we’ve created the most durable SmartWOOD cladding ever made. Enhanced properties for unmatched durability. Our patented additives are chemically bonded to provide lasting resistance to rain, hail, wind, fire, rot and pests. Best of both strength and usability We’ve found the perfect balance between high-quality Portland cement, sand and cellulose fibre to deliver lightweight, easy-to-cut cladding that installs firm and fast. Superior dimensional stability Our cladding is engineered at the microscopic level to create a robust fibre cement composite that doesn’t shrink or split.

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